Webhook not always called when an asset is saved with a file?


We have been using Contentful for a while with varied success. Our main issue is that we have assets that require processing, and preferably the processing should be completed before the piece of content is published, so that the asset appears correctly in the preview.

We use webhooks and with our most recent approach we have been monitoring assets. However, it seems that even the asset save webhook is not always being called when I am expecting it.

Creating small assets usually work as expected. First the webhook gets called without a file field set (at this point we will ignore it, since only a small part of our content types require that) and in a few seconds, the webhook gets called with a file that has url for download, and we can start processing. This is acceptable.

However, if the asset is large, we don’t get any useful webhook calls. We very rarely get webhook called with url set for large files, and sometimes the only call has no file field. I was expecting that the asset would get saved when its ingestion progresses, but apparently that is not the case.

How could we go around this limitation or have I understood something wrong?

Hi @sami1,

Could you tell us how large your assets are?
Also, would it be possible for you to send us a support ticket in here so that we can further inspect your asset files and webhook logs?