Webhook not working

I created a webhook and implemented a callback route to call. There is a basic auth in front. I entered the callback url in webhook configuration with the basic auth credentials but I am getting 401 status code.

Any ideas?

Hm, looks like its working now, seems it was some caching issue on my side.

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Hey @ivo!

Thanks for updates and glad it’s fixed now! You can also check Webhooks activity log under Space settings > Webhooks >target webhook > Activity log. Commonly, if you see that the webhook has been sent successfully, then you need to check if there is a problem on target server.
Hope that’ll help a bit.

Let us know if we can assist with anything else:wink:

Yeah, I was looking at the activity log.

Btw, it would be useful if you could include X-Space-Id custom header when doing the webhook request. We can of course add this manually but its a bit of a hustle to maintain. Reason is that we need to create the Client service to revive the entry from json, and to do that we need the Space Id.

Just a suggestion :slight_smile: