Webhook on entry publish sends multilanguage values

The webhook for publishing entries sends values of localized fields, even when the localization is disabled for that field.

In other words, if you enable the localization of a text field, save the model, edit the content of an entry which uses the model and add a localized value in another language to this field, and then afterwards disable the localization of the field again, the entered value is sent with the webhook and you don’t see the value of the other language in the UI and can’t edit it, until you re-enable the localization for that field.

I think if you disable the localization, the value should be either cleared (probably with a warning that you loose all non-default locale values) or at least non-default locale values should not be sent with the webhook.

This probably not only affects webhook data but the delivery API as well.

If this has been discussed already, please let me know!

Thanks, Dennis