Webhook truncates payload on archive and delete triggers

Hi, I have a webhook set up for unpublish and delete triggers, but when these are called, the request body is only partially formed which messes up my json deserialisation in my app.

Why doesn’t the webhook send the entire payload that I specified?


Hi @maya.driver,

Could you further elaborate on what you mean by incomplete payload? What properties would you like to have received through our Webhooks API?

Hi @gabriel,

I added a request body to my DELETE webhook like this:

“id”: “{/payload/sys/id}”,
“title”: “{/payload/fields/title/en-GB}”,
“someField”: “{/payload/fields/someField/en-GB}”,
“someObjectField”: {
“a”: “{/payload/fields/a/en-GB}”,
“b”: “{/payload/fields/b/en-GB}”
“someOtherField”: “{/payload/fields/someOtherField/en-GB}”

But when I delete or unpublish a post and trigger the webhook, the request body is actually:

“id”: “idNumber”,
“someObjectField”: {}

This doesn’t happen when I archive (which uses the same DELETE webhook), it returns the full body.

I’ve changed my app so that it only requires an id to be returned now so this is no longer a problem, but I would like to understand why this happens.


Hi Maya,

I’m not responsible for developing this API endpoint, but my assumption here is that since it points to a delete trigger, that means that the entity itself is neither retrievable or directly recoverable, so it assumes that the payload itself plays no relevance in displaying all other properties and fields.

I see. I guess that makes sense and, as I said, I’ve resolved the issue at my end now anyway.

Thanks for your reply!

No problem at all - glad it helped! Let me know if you have any other questions.