Webhooks and environments

Hi !

I’m discovering the new concept of environment you have introduced recently (I’m used to the old way).
One question regarding the webhooks, I read in the doc they only trigger on master (cf http://ctf-doc-app-branch-environments.netlify.com/developers/docs/concepts/multiple-environments/) but the configuration allows to filter with an environment id.
The doc is not up to date (which would be a good news for me, webhooks are an important part of the solution and we need them on every env) ?



Hey @jerome.hautecoeur,

good news: the docs are just outdated! 6 days ago we announced the ability to filter on webhooks, including the environmentId. The docs page just slipped through.

For you to get the updated information you’d need to alter the domain you’re visiting. Currently you’re accessing a feature branch build for environments, most likely because you’ve been involved in the early phase.

By now the information is available here: https://www.contentful.com/developers/docs/concepts/multiple-environments/


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Hi @stephan.schneider

Great ! Very good news indeed ! So convenient !
Didn’t get your remark about altering the domain I’m visiting :wink:



While developing environments the documentation was spread via this domain:

But now that environments are publicly announced, they landed in our official documentation. That’s why from now on you should use:

If for example I now go ahead and change the section of webhooks to reflect the environment filter, you wouldn’t see it at your domain, as this is the build from a different branch.