What Contentful integrations would you love to see us build?

Hello Contentful Community​​ :wave:t3:,

I’m Rodrigo from the Research Team at Contentful.

Have you ever thought of how your Contentful experience could be improved by integrating it with other useful services, tools and platforms? We’d like to hear from developers and editors who have been actively using Contentful in order to uncover the most relevant use cases for integrations.

If you have a few minutes to share your thoughts, just head to this link and fill out our survey.

As a token of appreciation for your time, we’ll be giving away Amazon gift cards valued at $50 (USD) to two lucky survey participants! :crossed_fingers:t3: :tada:

Looking forward to your responses.


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From an editors standpoint:

  • Spellcheck

  • Less sensitive search (e.g. I can’t find “istock-45687321” when I search for “45687”

  • More formatting options in markdown (e.g. indenting, wrapping text around images)

  • Across the board “tagging,” including media libraries

  • Larger display of media objects in library view (it’s impossible to actually see photos through viewing library)

Those are very relevant suggestions, @mpeters. Thanks for your response.
If you have some time and haven’t done so already, make sure to fill out our survey here: https://contentful.typeform.com/to/PUSXry?source=comm

It seems unlikely, since you’ve deprecated the previous libraries, but a turnkey Wordpress importer would be :ok_hand:.

Hey @robert.reinhard,

While we don’t yet have a WP importer any longer, it’s still possible to do so with our current tools, and this great article explains how to do that. :smile:

I think a integration that works seemlessly with Hugo Static Site Generator would be phenomenal.

A mobile editor would be really helpful. A web app that displays in-browser, or a native app (like Wordpress - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wordpress/id335703880). It would be really helpful for updating content on the go.

The current web app does work on mobile, but it displays the desktop view. It is overall not a pleasent experience, even on larger devices like an iPhone XS Max or and iPad Mini.

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Many have been mentioning how they’d love to see an integration with Magento :slight_smile:

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As a way to manage workflow, it would be really nice to have custom entry statuses, with permissions given per role. Maybe there’s already a way to do this? I’m working on data that would need to pass multiple type of people’s desk and would like a way to prompt (notification hub?) the different roles of incoming work.

A concept example,

  • An “Author” finishes an item “X”, and changes the status to “Authored”
  • “Editor” gets a (email, in app, desktop, slack) notification that “X is Ready for editorial review”, In the editor’s filtered view, he now see’s a newly available entry
  • “Editor” completes the review, and sets the status to “Reviewed”
  • “Attorney” gets notified. Attorney reviews and approves the content, sets status to “Published”

For authors and editors, draft and published are sufficient. With additional roles, I can see the ability to create custom statuses being a very powerful concept.