What is mean by 5000 records in Micro Space?


For MICRO SPACE, I can see that 24 content types and 5000 records limit.
What is mean by 5000 records? How many API’c call i can make (CDA, CMA etc.)?


Hey Bharat,

A record is an umbrella term for entries and assets. A space that has one entry and one image has two records. Each entry and asset are counted as a single record, regardless of how many times they are re-used within the space.

You can find that information in the FAQ section of the pricing page.

For detailed information on API calls, please visit our Fair Use Policy page.

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Hi Fernando,
Thank you for your quick reply. I have confusion like If i have a Content type called Product and i am reading and writing data via CDA/CMA API’s, then in that case will my every query to this content type will be counted as 1 record?

If you check out the Fair Use Policy page referenced it says that a Micro space has a maximum quota of 2M API calls per month. API calls do not count as records; the count of API calls gets reset each month while the count of records only changes if you add or delete entries or assets.

Hi Charlie,
Thank you for your clarification. That helps.