Where can a customer see the timing and amounts to be billed?

  1. In the past was it possible to see the next billing date and amount?
  2. Has that changed, with any recent updates to the billing page within the WebApp?
  3. Is there a way for a customer using the WebApp to see that information now?

Previously our customers had access to the information about the upcoming bill cycle day on their subscription page. Due to the increased flexibility of our pricing, that information is no longer available as you are charged in different timeframes for different things. One example would be if you are a customer with an annual subscription but wish to receive your additional usage bills every quarter.

The information, albeit not obviously available, is easy to get from your billing page. If you are a self-service customer, you’ll get your invoices on the same day every month. To find out the day, you just need to have a look at your billing page and see the invoice dates. For enterprise customers with custom bill cycles, the best way is for you to get in touch with your customer success manager and they can tell you more about when you’ll get billed.

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