Working with tags

I am very new to Contentful and am evaluating how we could use it for a client.

It is not at all clear to me how to use tags - i.e. how to query content that has certain tags and how to see what tags are present in metadata when using the Java SDK.

I see from the API reference when you look at the samples one of the samples is to query entries with at least one of the given tags. Clicking on that sample for the Java SDK results in a message saying this is not supported by the SDK. So that means it is simply not possible with the Java SDK, no workarounds?

Similarly, I assigned some public tags to an article and then queried with the SDK to pull that article down into our application. I think the tags might be present in the raw JSON in the metadata, but those tags are simply not available via the SDK are they? We need to be able to show the tags in the articles we pull down.

I did think using tags in this way would be one of the main use cases of such an API so perhaps Iā€™m mistaken - if so and someone could give a pointer that would be very much appreciated.

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