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Would be useful if deletion webhook also returned the fields of the deleted entry in payload

So we have a bit of an edge case where in entries we store some invisible technical data stored in a JSON object.

The data includes id of a different entry as an invisible link. That linked entry has a collection of ids in it. Basically we just want to keep track of entries copied from one another, doesn’t really matter.
What matters is that without
a) an ability to search within a json object
b) and without knowing about contents of the fields of a deleted entry (because webhook only returns id and content type)
when we delete an entry that had this technical data we are unable to remove the id of it from that entry that keeps track of its copies.
If we had the body of the deleted entry in the payload we’d be able to take the originId from the payload and just modify the entry we want.

I know it sounds crazy but we actually have a valid use-case for it, so it’d be extremely useful to have this information.