You're approaching your monthly API Requests quota

Hello, my plan includes 2 million API req / month. I have received a notification stating content delivery will be shut off if I exceed this amount (currently at 1.6m).

However, your fair usage policy states:

Extra API calls will be billed at $5/1,000,000 API calls/month.

Is this accurate information? I need an urgent response as I forecast our average monthly API needs to be closer to 3 million. If this isn’t possible I need to look at alternatives today.

Thanks for your time.

Hey there,

Fernando from the support team here.

The information you have provided depends on the plan type your account/organization is currently in.

If you are under our current pricing structure, you can find information in the FAQ section and in our Fair use Policy.

I’m in the , “Micro, Small, Medium and Large” Section. AKA 2,000,000 API Req per month. Does this help?

Under your FAQ page, you will see this question “What happens when I hit my space limits?”

The answer goes on…

Spaces also include fair usage limits for API calls and asset bandwidth. If you exceed those limits and have a valid credit card on record, you will be charged an overages fee for the excess amount. Extra API calls cost $5 per 1,000,000 calls, extra asset bandwidth $65 per 1 TB. Accounts without a valid credit card on record, will be throttled once they exceed the fair use limits.

What I am trying to ascertain is, when we go over the 2 million, will we simply be billed for the extra API requests as stated on your website, or will you shut us off as per your email?

Thanks for your speedy response regarding this matter.

The email copy is below:

You’re approaching your monthly API Requests quota

You’re approaching your monthly API Requests quota for the organization. Keep a close eye on your usage and upgrade your plan if necessary. Be advised that as soon as you exceed your monthly API Requests quota content delivery will be discontinued.

Feel free to get in touch with support to answer any questions you may have.

Hey there,

Then, please submit a support request.

I have done. At this rate we will be shut off over the weekend.

Hey Wes,

We will respond to your request via the support ticket you have submitted.

In terms on how quickly you can expect a response, please see the following:

Talk to you shortly,