Zapier Integration generating error on Zapier side but Contentful API operation is successful

Since December 20, my Zapier integration with Contentful has been returning a code to Zapier that is leading Zapier to believe that an error has occurred but in fact the “create_entry” call has worked and the content was successfully created in Contentful. Anyone have any idea what may have changed in the API around 12/20. No errors have showed up in my Contentful account and there is no detailed log on the Zapier side showing what codes are being returned, just a cryptic message

“We had trouble sending your test through… Bargle! There was a problem with the data returned from this step! Please contact support at”

I have just contacted Zapier support on this but I figured I would post it here as well.

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Does this also result in your Zap being deactivated after a few runs of the task?

I’m experiencing this and it means Zapier is useless for me right now.

No - the Zap works and continues to be active. This is what Zapier support told us

I can see that we get a successful response when we send over the POST request to Contentful (which explains why you are seeing the entries there), but there is an error that occurs with the scripting that occurs after that POST request. We’ve opened a bug report with the Contentful team so they can investigate further and I’ve added you as an affected user so you’ll get notified of any updates/when a fix is released.
Really sorry I don’t have an immediate fix on this one! We’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear back.

Im also having the same issue. I’ll be able to use a few pushes before it deactivates. Now reactivating the zap is apart of my system until this issue is fixed.

It looks like Contentful has completely disappeared from Zapier. I received this note from them:

Contentful currently has an “Invite Only” status, which means the developers for the new integration have not completed all our quality assurance steps and the app is not available publicly yet - only privately. Because of this, we here at Zapier support have extremely limited resources on the app and on the details of the integration.

To get the best help for your question, I recommend you reach out to the folks who gave you access to the integration and see if they can provide you with the information you’re looking for.

Can someone from Contentful comment on the status of this?

Hello everybody, unfortunately we’re not supporting the Zapier integration anymore. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Why is that? Zapier seems like a perfect integration platform

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