Zapier integration

The Zapier integration looks awesome! Is anybody here using it?

I was able to use it to send email when content is published in a space, see Can I Integrate with a notifications service to send new content updates? .

But I wasn’t able to get it to do a slightly more complex task: synchronise the items in a content type with the rows of a Google sheet

Could you share your experiences? Do you think it’s ready for use?

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Hi @gareth.rowlands!

We don’t have it out-of-the box, but that’s very interesting case. Can I ask to provide a bit more details about how would like to sync rows and entries? Should it be like- new entries from certain content type should be added to a specific row in Google Spreadsheet?

Hello everybody,

FYI: unfortunately, we’re not supporting the Zapier integration anymore. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello !
Contentful Bot is an independent project that enables Contentful automation With Zapper.
Maybe you should check it out