Cant seem to get linked items in PHP request

Hi, just starting out with the PHP SDK in my blog, I cant seem to get the ‘includes’ part of the response, I’ve ran the code in my app, and then in postman using same URL, I can get it in postman but not in my app?

$query = new Query();

$query->setContentType('articles')->where('', $id)->setInclude(10)->setLimit(10));


I have two content types, vue app, and article, I’ve embedded the Vue App content type in the article body … when I get the response the includes field isnt there:

"items": {
  "nodeType": "embedded-entry-block",
  "data": {
    "target": {
      "sys": {
        "type": "Link",
        "id": "9hmqeInW9K01fsMrYUrux",
        "linkType": "Entry"
  "content": []
... would expect includes here!!

But there is no includes top level field in the response? Any help would be appreciated.