Contentful Certification

Hi All,

I have started preparing for Contentful certification. My previous background is development. Though I am not a React JS developer. I am a Product Owner of an eCommerce product who is gonna utilize Contentful as a CMS. I am looking forward to knowing what level of React JS and GatsBy expertise is required in order to appear in the certification exam?


Hi @beenish.zaidi,
for the certification exam, only a basic knowledge of JS is required. Furthermore, you can check this article about the certification:

Hi Alma,
Thank you very much for your response. The provided knowledge article is not updated. The certification exam seems to be free till 15th August understanding the COVID situation. Is it also valid now?

Do you have some mock exams which the users can experience before taking the exams? For example,, provide free assessments, just to get familiar and acquainted.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi @beenish.zaidi, I have consulted internally and I will update you here once I have more news.

Is there any update for the same? Also for the exam pricing, its unclear whether its USD or AUD? Could you please help?

@Alma I would like to know also

Hi all, I confirmed with the team:

Currently we don’t have plans to offer free certifications or provide a mock exam. Our users have found the study guide useful to help them prepare for the exam.

In fact, I personally studied the guide above and I can only recommend it :))

and @beenish.zaidi, the price is in USD.