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Disable Publish/Unpublish asset/entry anyway button


This may be a simple question. I want to disable the “Publish/Unpublish asset/entry anyway” button because I want to avoid the issue in case someone unpublish the asset/entry by accident which linked to another published entry. This will break the frontend. But I did not find a way in the document to turn off this feature in specified model or asset. Could you give me the advice to do this?

Hi @bkk-media-eng, unfortunately, it is not possible to disable the warning at the moment, however, I will submit a feature request on your behalf.

I understand your concern that entries in draft status will not be returned via Content Delivery API, draft entries are returned with an ‘unresolvable link’ error in the response, and the error needs to be managed. If you are using one of our official SDKs, you could use the configuration options to skip the unresolvable links, otherwise, the error needs to be managed with custom logic.

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@Alma Do you have any update on this? We ran into similar issues and believed this functionality is important to the stability of our contentful integration.

Hi @yhao

Unfortunately there are no updates on the feature request. As for the previous message, I would first recommend to manage the 'unresolvable link’ error in the FE. Another possibility would be to create your own App to forbid a user to unpublish under certain conditions: