Editor Interface not being migrated

Hi all,
I’m using the migration-cli to export a site with a custom interface in a specific field, but when I import it somewhere else, the interface doesn’t work. Even though I can see that the extension is indeed there. Any workaround? I can see in my exported.json file that the custom interfaces are there, looking like this:

          "fieldId": "backgroundColor",
          "widgetId": "7hNpmjL5uFWSY0V983oxAF",
          "widgetNamespace": "extension"

I get this error in the editor:

The selected widget does not exist anymore.
Please select a valid widget in the Content Model section.

When I go to the Content Model, the interface selector is blank.

As you can see, the custom interface extension is there:

I found the problem! Turns out that, for some reason, the widgetId wasn’t exported correctly on the migration cli. In some fields it used “7hNpmjL5uFWSY0V983oxAF” when it should have been “swatches-picker”.