Getting entries from a UI extension field


I have created a UI extension field that allows me to link other entries to it. However, when making an API call with the parameter “include” in it, it won’t return the entry that I have linked to the UI extension field. How would I go about solving this?


Hi @pajaani.soobrayen,

What field type do you use underlying the UI extension? include should work automatically if you use a Reference (Entry or Entries in the terms of UI extensions) field.

Hi @Rouven,

Its an Object.

That’s the reason why. Objects are just oblique blobs of JSON to our API, we don’t interpret them in any way. To enable includes, make the underlying field type a Reference.

I hope this helps.

Ok. Will try that and will let you know.



It appears we cannot make the field type of a UI extension a Reference.

Hi @pajaani.soobrayen,

Can you tell me what steps you tried?

You should first enable Entry and/or Entries (depends on whether this is a single or a multiple reference field) as a valid field type in the extension manifest. Then reinstall the extension into the space. Create a new field of the type Reference in your content model and assign it the just created UI extension to it.