Incoming Links; able to list entries that link to this entry?

So according to this article, we’re able to query content by providing an ID of the linking entry.

However, is it at all possible to grab the entries that link to one particular entry within the SDK.

To clarify, am I able to access the parent link entry from this child entry, via the CDA?

I know I can create a join table between parent and child entry, but was wondering if I could achieve the above? Thanks in advance.

Edit: I’m aware of using _backrefs in the cf-graphql, but wondering if this feature is available yet in the CDA SDK?

Hi @apps,

We offer the links_to_entry parameter through the CDA - do you think that helps with your use case?

links_to_entry only works to grab the entry that is being linked, by providing the ID of the entry that it is linked to. However, I want to grab the latter entry (the entry that it is linked to). How am I able to do so, only given the former entry (the entry that is being linked)?

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I have a similar query…

I am able to use the links-to-entry to return the content that links to the entry ID.

However, what is I would like to return a list of content items and automatically also include in that query which items are linking to them.

Is it only possible with an API call for each item?

Example in our case is a Page content type that has a Relationship field called FAQs. Each FAQ is a a content item linked to the Page.

If a user were to search or view a list of FAQ items, I want to link the user to the Page that owns the relationship.

Hi, have you tried to use the include parameter?

Something that would be nice is if you get a collection of entries like: /entries?content_type=newsArticle

Then if in the same query you could get the links_to_entry in the same call without having to re-query all the newsArticles one by one to get the parent