Interested in creating field groups/sections so to speak -- is it possible using UI Extensions?

I’m interested in creating certain elements/sections/not-sure-what-to-call-it where several fields would be in one area/group.

An example is that a Page content type would have a Hero section. This hero section needs a field for a title, a description, an image, and some assorted hidden metadata fields. I can currently create a content type for Page with one field for the hero title, one field for the hero image, one for the hero description, etc, but it doesn’t really look like it is part of one harmonious section but rather looks like it is several fields related to the overall page.

I want to know if there’s a way to utilize ui extensions to create these harmonious self-contained “field groups” which is really a combination of fields grouped together.

Hey Arj,

great timing for that question. We are planning to open source our field editors soon and you could then use an entry extension to replace an entry and render fields in any flavor you like. E.g. you can group them, hide/show them or even show fields from child references in the place where they are linked from.

Would you like to hop on a discovery call with us so we can learn about your use case?


@frederik yes that would be great! Let me know how we can go about scheduling that. I’m on EST timezone.

Could you please send me an email to frederik at contentful dot com ?

We are having issue with this same opensourced code. Could we get some help?