[New York, June 21st] Contentful Developers Meetup

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If you have a project you’d like to share, let us know

See examples of projects built with serverless architecture, and the lessons our speakers learned along the way. As always, we will provide plenty of free food and drinks :beers:.


6:00 PM: Doors open. Our team will be there to welcome you.

6:30 PM: :speaking_head: The Gatsby, Contentful, Netlify Stack - Sarah Mogin (https://twitter.com/sarahmogin)

Sarah will walk through her recent experience working on a project for The Whittle School. The talk will cover the pros and cons of serverless architecture, share tricks and tricks for using Gatsby, Contentful, and Netlify together, and touch on some of Work & Co’s other serverless Contentful projects. Work & Co is a digital agency that works with clients like Apple, Google, Marriott, Lyft, and Planned Parenthood.

Sarah is a Lead Developer at Work & Co

7:00 PM: :speaking_head: Content Testing and Deployment Done the Right Way - Shy Ruparel (@shyruparel)

Testing: it’s one of the least exciting, but most important factors in software development. Using the new environments feature, Shy Ruparel, walks through how to add content model changes into the testing phases of your deployment by integrating Contentful migrations in your continuous delivery pipeline.

Shy is a Python developer by heart with a passion for JRPGs, good jokes and the staying power to wish you a great day on Twitter every single day.

7:30 PM: :wave: Meet other developers using Contentful

Comment with any questions! :grinning:

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Hi I’m Diego
Creative Director at YummyColours.
Our website runs on contentful and we would like to work with a freelance on some tweaks on our website?
Can you reccomend somebody?
Thank you