"order" by EntryId appears to be case-insensitive, though EntryId is case-sensitive

GET /spaces/{SPACE_ID}/environments/master/entries?include=3&order=sys.contentType.sys.id%2Csys.id

I’m iterating through all of my Spaces to get all content entries, sorted by contentType , then entryId.

I receive a list of entries, but the order seems incorrect. My gut is saying the sort is not case-sensitive (see example below).

('someSpaceId', 'calendarEvent', '2btRrgTp1l69N92rByhlAS')
('someSpaceId', 'calendarEvent', '2Ebr7ZMhx2CcmymgO8GuIO')

As you can see above, the entries came back sorted, but not case-sensitively. If the sort were case-sensitive, it would come back in the opposite order. ASCII value b (98) > ASCII value E (69)