Retrieving only the ids of an array of linked content types

We have a model which has a field which is a list of several items which are a different content mode.

I.e. Promotions Page contains a list of Promotions.

I would like to be able to grab the promotions field but only return the ids, basically I don’t want it to retrieve all the information about the Promotions, just their IDs so I can use in a second query.


Hi Paul,

By default, if you don’t resolve the content of the items referenced in your field, only an array of IDs will be retrieved. To avoid that our API doesn’t resolves any links, you could set include=0.

You can learn more about it in the following links:

Also, if you’re using one of our SDKs, you could disable the resolve links property by setting the property resolveLinks: false

Let me know if this helps out :slight_smile:

Excellent, many thanks Gabriel!