Revoke access token created via oauth

I see there are apis for managing personal access tokens, but how does one manage tokens created via an oauth app programmatically? There doesn’t seem to be any documentation on this. Is there any other option than manually logging in and then click delete on each application?

Hi @nholik,

Each of the existing access tokens are managed at the level of each personal email account and, as such, you cannot directly manage them from the context of a space admin or organization owner.

However, you could manage the privileges for the roles of each of your users in your organization and, as a consequence, the accessibility given to each of the tokens that belong to these users.

Thanks gabriel. Is there a way to have the access tokens issued with a finite lifetime at least?

I would like to have users be able to delegate certain actions but do not want to have them create tons of tokens that never expire, nor do I want to store the access tokens in some sort of long term storage for the user like cookies or some or long term persistence method.

Hi @nholik,

That would also not be possible and you’d have to delete them directly either through the API or the UI. The best way to go would be have a more contained creation of API keys from the part of your users, reutilizing the same tokens across different section of your application.