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Unable to save modifications to a content type - Data is invalid

Hi there,
I’m trying to add a new field in a content type, but I’m getting this error " Unable to save content-type: Data is invalid" each time.
In the console, I also have “Wootric: Warning: Invalid created_at, expecting 10-digit Unix timestamp in seconds.”.
Is there any known solution for that? Thanks!

Hi @camille

Wootric is a third-party tool on the Contentful web app for collecting user surveys, the console errors of Wootric don’t affect any other functionalities in the web app.

Coming back to the error, could you check if you have hit a technical limit of content types?

Content types 48 Number per space
Content type fields 50 Number of fields per content type

Hi Alma,
The error seem to be resolved, without any action on my side. Weird, but it’s working fine now, I won’t complain more. thanks !

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