Webservice (remote) validation

Is it possible to do any remote validation when creating content?
Let’s assume I have a Content Model with an e-mail field, but I want to make sure that the e-mail is unique in a remote database. Would it be possible to notify the user on saving content using a webservice/webhook for validation?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @bager.erik,

When you create a new field, it is possible to associate several validations with it:

Although you could get pretty creative with Regex, it wouldn’t be possible to directly associate validation with an external database/API.

However, you could still achieve that by using our UI extension SDK, integrating your remote database with our Web Interface:


Finally, if you were to create an UI extension successfully, that wouldn’t modify the behavior of our webhooks, so you’d be normally notified of every “save” action in your items.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: