Bulk updating attribute for multiple content items

Sometimes, we need to change an attribute for a large number of items. For example, change the “material” from “polyester” to “cotton” for 30 out of 70 t-shirts items. Does the UI allow this kind of “bulk edit”?

I can select and “Duplicate” multiple whole items, however, I don’t see how I can modify their attributes.

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Hi @jeff.clemens, unfortunately, bulk-editing field attributes is currently not possible in the web app.

To solve the problem you mentioned, I suggest:

  • changing your content model, if several entries have the same values, it is the best to use the reference field, for example, in ‘product A’ and ‘product B’ entry, you can have a reference field ‘product material’, linking to the same entry ‘material 1’, therefore once you change ‘material 1’, both products are automaticlly updated

  • create a custom script via Content Management API, in order to change the entries programmatically

@Alma, is bulk editing in the web app in your roadmap at all? It doesn’t have to be super fancy, just something like “for the selected entries, set this text field to blahblah”.

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Hi @roger,
At the moment the functionality is not in our roadmap, since, as stated in the previous message, many of our users solve this problem effectively by using reference fields. Sorry :slightly_smiling_face: