C#, Unity - Unable to populate array/list with "References, many" field from content model


I am still learning how to use Contentful, so I am a bit of a beginner. I’ve searched for a similar topic being asked, but I wasn’t able to find anything helpful.

I have a model, Episode, that among its fields, contains a “References, many” called games in it that contains a list of references to another model, QuizGameQuestion.

Using C# and the .NET SDK, I am able to pull a specific episode and deserialize its properties into a C# class. It succeeds on all properties, except for the list of QuizGameQuestions. I know that it is able to pull the list of games since the array/list inside Episode becomes the correct size (3 in this case), but all items contained in it are null. Here is the relevant code. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

public class Episode
    public string name {get; set;}
    public string handle {get; set;}
    public System.DateTime date {get; set;}
    public List<QuizGameQuestion> games {get; set;}

    async void Start()
        // First populate gameReferences using a ServerConnector call to pull the episode from Contentful
        ServerConnector serverConnector = FindObjectOfType<ServerConnector>();
        Episode episode = await serverConnector.GetAllContentFromEpisode(*id omitted*);

        name = episode.name;
        handle = episode.handle;
        date = episode.date;
        games = episode.games;

        //Then loop through and instantiate each game.
        for(int i = 0; i < games.Count; i++)
            Debug.Log("Game: " + games[i]); // <- This prints null for each game

public class ServerConnector : MonoBehaviour
    HttpClient httpClient;
    ContentfulClient client;

    // Awake is called before Start
    void Awake()
        httpClient = new HttpClient();
        client = new ContentfulClient(httpClient, *keys omitted*);

    public async Task<Episode> GetAllContentFromEpisode(string id) 
        var entry = await client.GetEntry<Episode>(id);
        return entry;

public class QuizGameQuestion : Game
    public string questionType {get; set;}
    public string id {get; set;}
    public string question {get; set;}
    public string options {get; set;}  //Options will be a list contained in a JSON
    public string answer {get; set;}
    public int points {get; set;}