Contentful tutorial wrong?

I’m trying to follow the tutorials of the .net sdk but I have come to a stop. The tutorial is talking about the sdk and I get the entries through GetEntries() method, then it wants me to use entry.body.content in a foreach loop but entry doesn’t have a definition of body, as it is a collection. Why do I have to call a property in a collection.

I think the tutorial needs to be clearer with the instructions.

Hi Janne! Sorry to hear that things are unclear for you. Do you have a link to which tutorial you are looking at?

At this tutorial: Getting Started with Contentful rich text and .NET | Contentful

The first part I don’t understand is the property Body has a Document type and then it goes on to say that I get all entries from GetEntries()( var entry = await _client.GetEntries<SomeModel>(); ) which returns a collection, I can’t call Body on the entry variable because it is a collection.

Then there is the HTMLRender which also wants entry.Body and in the AddRender function it states SomeCustomModel and with no example on how that model could look.

It is very confusing some of the documentation on the different subjects and some typos I think

At: Getting Started with Contentful and .NET | Contentful

var product = await client.GetEntry<Product>("<entry_id");

Console.WriteLine(book.ProductName); // => How to manage content in a developer-friendly manner Console.WriteLine(book.Price); // => Contentful Console.WriteLine(book.Description); // => Make an API request, get JSON in return.

I hope to get help to clear things up.