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Can't edit content, UI says "you aren’t connected to internet"


I would like to file an issue for a bug, but it seems that is not possible as a free user. Please point me to where I would normally send this. All normal channels for support seem to be blocked. Thus I post it here that you can see it, might be useful for your paying customers as well. When it reached your devs feel free to delete it here in the community :wink:

What is happening: No content can be edited, all fields are locked. Sometimes the banner appears:

It appears that you aren’t connected to internet at the moment. The fields are temporarily locked so that you won’t lose any important changes.

We are definitely connected to the internet, everything else works. I was able to reproduce on multiple computers in multiple browsers. Sometimes, after a lot of re-loading we can save things, but only very sporadically.

I hope this helps you get this fixed!

Hi @timur,

You can definitely still submit a support ticket to us :wink: . Please include all the details on your ticket including your space ID so we can troubleshoot faster.


Ah ok, will do.

It says above the contact field “For On Demand & Enterprise Customers Only:” which I am not and that free users should use the FAQ or community which is here…

@timur We will still process tickets from free users - but with limited capacity.

Regarding your issues, we are currently observing issues with one of our databases. It’s possible that your space belongs to it hence the issue. You can check and subscribe to it.

Ok thanks fanny! Was all-green last time I checked, I will keep my eye on it.

Have a nice evening!

Hi did you ever resolve this? I’m exactly in the same problem

Hi @alexo.vega

Could you try to clear the cache & cookies? It might be also related to your browser extensions, you could try with a different browser to verify if this is the case.