It cant be just me with these issues?

I have signed up, created a Blog starter; and during creation it said it couldnt create all the entries.

I then try to edit the content created (it appears to be created ok?) and it wont let me edit anything; I get the following error;

I am only trying to edit the content of some fields; how can you expect me to pay for this service when the free one isnt even working for me? I emailed support and they wouldnt help as I am not paying.

But I won’t pay if the starter doesn’t even work!

Server error

Due to a server error, we could not process this entry. The fields are temporarily locked so that you won’t lose any important changes.

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Hey there, this sometimes happens as a result of browser plugins and extensions which are out of our control.

What I can suggest right now is that you try in an incognito window and/or disable your browser extensions and enable them one by one to see what might be the problem.

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My colleague gets this very often, almost unusable.

She claims that she does not have any browser plugins or extensions
She has experienced it on multiple computers

Can this occur if she has multiple windows editing the same file?

The error message is sooo non-informative

I am also having this issue. I disabled the plugins, tried in Chrome, Incognito Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. I got the same error in all except Safari where the app wouldn’t load at all :frowning: