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It cant be just me with these issues?

I have signed up, created a Blog starter; and during creation it said it couldnt create all the entries.

I then try to edit the content created (it appears to be created ok?) and it wont let me edit anything; I get the following error;

I am only trying to edit the content of some fields; how can you expect me to pay for this service when the free one isnt even working for me? I emailed support and they wouldnt help as I am not paying.

But I won’t pay if the starter doesn’t even work!

Server error

Due to a server error, we could not process this entry. The fields are temporarily locked so that you won’t lose any important changes.

Hey there, this sometimes happens as a result of browser plugins and extensions which are out of our control.

What I can suggest right now is that you try in an incognito window and/or disable your browser extensions and enable them one by one to see what might be the problem.

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