Contentful heads-up questions

Hi All,

I have just started working on Contentful CMS. I am java developer and have knowledge of CMS systems. I am referring below repository to understand the flow . I have deployed the app successfully via heroku and able to view the website. Below are some question if you guys can help me to understand.

  1. I see templates under here These templates are incorporating dynamic behaviour via handlebars. But I don’t see any handlebar dependency in the project repo. Also, Can we use jsp instead of HTMLs?

  2. This is main java file under /contentful/product-catalogue-java/blob/master/app/src/main/java/com/contentful/java/starter/ . Here multiple methods are defined to render multiple view based upon the request. There are multiple ids for product, category and brand. From where these ids can be found?

  3. I got from learning that this CMS is a headless one and server the content as json format. Is there way to check via api call from browser or postman. Can you share an example?