Delivery API OR in Search Query

We need to search for all the entries that are true to the following condition:
end_date >= 2018-03-01 OR end_date[exists]=false

We are not able to implement the OR operator… Is there a way to do this on the API? If we do this on the app code we’ll lose the pagination functionality and will complicate everything.

Our API does not have an OR operator, but those two searches are mutually exclusive, so you could make 2 api calls then concatenate the results. Would that work?

You also could do a one time search for end_date[exists]=false and update those entries with an end_date that makes sense for you. Combine that with a validation requiring a value in the end_date field to publish and you’ll never have to search for end_date[exists]=false again!

Thanks! We implemented a solution on the app code.