Duplicating a page with linked entries


We are facing a problem with our editorial workflow. I have setup a page template with fields for title (String), body (RichText) and reviews (a list of links to the Review content type).

In our workflow I will add all the content to the initial page. Content editors will then duplicate my original page and edit it as necessary. The problem enters when a content editor wants to edit content that is linked and not directly part of the page.

For example, say I create page A with a title, body and a link to review R. Then a content editor duplicates page A and creates page B with all the content from page A. The editor can edit the data that exists on page B (title, body) without affecting page A. Here comes the problem… The editor then wants to edit the review on page B… but they don’t notice that this review is also being used on page A. So if they update review R the changes will affect page A and page B.

Is it possible to listen for changes on review R, and warn the user that their change will affect multiple pages (A and B) before they publish?

The editor probably navigated to review R through page B so it is reasonable for them to expect that their changes will only affect page B, without considering that review R is also linked to in page A.

The ideal solution would be to detect a change on R, present a user with a list of places that R is being used and ask which places are intended for updating. If the user selects all the places that link to R (A and B), then nothing should happen and R should be updated as per normal. If they only select 1 place (B) then R should be left unchanged and the changes should be applied to a new review R1 and the link to R in B should be replaced with the link to R1.

Is this a good approach to take? Is this even possible through creating an app and using the CMA and SDK? This seems like it may be a common issue but I’m still learning the ropes of Contentful so I may be over thinking things and taking the wrong approach entirely

Linking to another existing issue, the question is different however I feel like the answers may be related Duplicate Entry and all Child Entries

After not receiving any feedback I decided to build it anyway

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