Duplicating a page without linked blocks

Currently we have Page A with blocks referencing to this page if I want duplicate the page and renamed to Page B all blocks are in this page but I modify a Block here example Title: “New Title” the Page A will reflect this changes too. how can I unliked the blocks so they only affect the page I am currently modifying.

Is there a way ti achieve this?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @hleon.
Assuming I understood your question correctly, there is no way to prevent changes to a single entry ( ‘Block’?) from being reflected on all the ‘Page’ entries that reference that particular block entry. The whole point of having reference links is so that you can use one content entry across multiple other Page entries as long as they reference it. So duplicating your Page entry will duplicate all reference links you have declared on it, but not the actual content entries that those reference links point to. After duplicating Page A both Page A and Page B will reference the same single content entry.
Sounds like you need to create a duplicate of your example ‘Block’ entry, change its title, and use the duplicate with Page B while keeping original version of the Block referenced by Page A.