Fields with missing references

Is there a way to filter results based on if a Link field has been linked to a missing (deleted) record?

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Hi @wes ,

With CDA, when asking linked entries, it is possible to obtain the UNRESOLVABLE_LINK error, that would tell which entries are missing/deleted. You might then need to delete the link via CMA (at the error or programmatically).


Yes I was expecting something like “UNRESOLVABLE_LINK” but upon examining the JSON returned entry, the linked field does indeed show an assetID that no longer exists. The only way I can work out if it exists is by doing an extra call. Am I missing something?

I am also interested in this question. I really don’t get it, why Contentful CDA fetch missing entries and return errors after that. And there is no any filters to filter by only existing entries

Hi @Alma is there any way to do this?

Hi @wes ,

It’s weird if you don’t get the UNRESOLVABLE_LINK error, maybe because it’s an asset. Would you be able to post here an example of the response you get?

I just get the assetID returned in the linked field. Obviously, if you try to do anything with it, you get a guzzle error (PHP).

So right now, every Entry returned with my linked field has the assetID included, but the state is unknown. Which means I need to do a separate API call to see if the image exists.

Is this expected behaviour?

Hi @wes,

You are right, when querying a single entry, it does not show the unresolvable error. However, you could replace the getEntry, with getEntries with In that way you will get the error in the response and you would be able to filter-out invalid assets.