Folder management

So, I am able to create a new folder under “My views,” but tagging objects does not seem to be adding them to my folder. What are the additional steps I need to do to use folders?

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Hi! :wave:

No, there shouldn’t be extra steps in populating entries in your saved view.

Can you please give me a bit more information on what you mean by “tagging” an “object”? Are you saying you are adding a field to a content type and the matching entry is not showing up in your saved view?

In the meantime, here is our documentation on our web app search functionality. :grinning:

Hi Christine,

I think my question wasn’t clear. It was my understanding that if I add a “tag” to my content object that has the same name as my folder, that is the mechanism that adds that object to my folder. First, is that correct?

My question is “How do I put things into the folders I create?”


I think what we need to address first is what “tags” mean in Contentful. We don’t have an explicit way of tagging an entry but as you can read here, you can integrate the concept of tags to your content by creating a short text field that will allow the author(s) to “tag” the entry.

For example, I have a content type called Blog post. One of the fields in Blog post is a short text field which I’ve titled Category:

Now, I’m going to create an entry with the Blog post content type. In the Category field, I am going to create my own tag just by adding a value to the field. In our example, I am going to add and create the Personal tag to my new entry:

To create a saved view based on my “tag,” I am going to start by narrowing the content type filter to my Blog post content type. In our example, I have two entries with this content type:

But I only want my saved view folder to contain entries with the Personal tag. So I will add another filter to our search based on the Category field (click on the Filter funnel to find the field search parameters). I am going to filter for the Category field that is Personal:

You can see how now we only have one entry result since this is the only entry for which I’ve “tagged” as Personal.

Since I am happy with my filter result and would like to preserve it for future use, I am going to click on Save as view.

I will then get a pop-up where I can name this view whatever I would like for it to be called:

To create a new folder to house a collection of saved views, click on the Add folder link at the bottom of the views panel. Give the folder a name.

In order to add a view to your folder, simply drag and drop the saved view into your folder:

So, as you can see, you can create views based on tags. Whenever you create an entry with a tag that matches the filter parameter for the view, the entry will automatically be added to the view.

However, folders are not automatically populated with views/entries based on the naming convention. Folders are just a way for you to manually organize your views.

I hope I’ve understood your question correctly!

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Thanks for all of this explanation. It’s much more difficult than I would think.

The part that still doesn’t seem to be working for me is “Whenever you create an entry with a tag that matches the filter parameter for the view, the entry will automatically be added to the view.” My “tags” (that’s literally what we’re calling that field) are not prompting additional objects to end up in the folder.

I just tested this out and new entries with a “tag” that matches the filter criteria do automatically populate in the saved views after the entries are created (can be in either published or draft state).

What could be giving you trouble is the comparison operator; it may be too precise. Can you try relaxing the operator from is to matches? The matches operator is more forgiving since it is case-insensitive.

Hope this works for you!

I was not able to find the feature described here anywhere in Contentful documentation. I think this guide should be published as so.

Here is a link to our docs which explains saved views:

Hi Charlie,

Is this to say that there is not any way to organise assets in the media pool beyond tags? I feel like a folder structure would be an enormous benefit to the platform. If it doesn’t exist, is it in the roadmap?

If I am just not thinking about this in the ‘Contentful way’, then what is the correct approach?


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