Getting unpublished entry's 'changed' parent information from CREATE webhook

I have a model A, that references model B ( 1-to-many). I have a webhook set up so that when content for model B is created ( on A ), an API will receive the request, using the information for entry B can get the information for it’s parent entry A. At which point I then want to add some information to entry B based on A.

When I add a reference to B on A, A’s state is now changed and B is unpublished.

In the webhook, I can access entry B fine with the Content Preview API, but when I try to search for the entries that link to unpublished entry B, I get nothing back.

const entries = await this.contentfulPreviewClient.getEntries({

Is this not possible? Are references not part of Contentful Preview API?

The issue has nothing to do with the API’s per say, but in the actual Contentful system it seems.

The Webhook is fired instantly on the Create event and when using the CPA almost instantly after to retrieve the linked data, it seems that Contentful’s system hasn’t yet updated or refreshed the parent entry yet?

Placing a setTimeout() around 5 seconds or more and checking for the entries with links_to_entry for the entry I just created will yield the result I am expecting.

May have to leave a timeout or set up async workers to retry method a few times .