Help adding new Entry

So I am trying to test adding a new entry to my space but keep getting errors. This is my first time so just a bit confused. I am using postman and will put a screenshot here of my headers and the body I am sending. Please let me know what I am doing wrong or how to get the correct space_id. I am using the free version and just want to be able to add entries from the API.

The endpoint I am using is in the image in postman

I did a little testing and based on the response screenshot, it doesn’t seem to like your Space ID value. Probably not relevant but I think you are able to use the machine name of your content type as opposed to the internal ID (ex: content type “Movie” the X-Contentful-Content-Type header could be “movie”).

If you’re in the Contentful app looking at entries, you can grab the Space ID from the URL: