How to do a tracking/tracing when images are not provided by contentful


We are requesting some images to contentful and time to time the images are not served. So our page can’t show the images and the result is a really a bad user experience.
The point is how we can track this problem, I mean, does contentful provide any tool or any way to know why an image is not served?. For instance, a log where we can see if there was a 500 error or similar. How can we handle this kind of problems?


Hi Antonio,

Could you explain how exactly you’re requesting these images? Are you using their actual URLs or are you getting the URLs indirectly from the JSON response of their assets?

Hi Gabriel!
We are using the url that contentful provides us, nothing special.
I’ll send you one example of how we using it, but up to now it was always working well.

img src="//" srcset="// 300w,
// 400w,
// 500w,
// 600w,
// 700w,
// 725w,
// 800w,
// 928w" sizes="(min-width: 992px) 725px,
(max-width: 991px) 100vw" alt=“Hill_SciencePlan”>

Hi Gabriel

<div class=“promotion-banners-wrapper”>
<a class=“promotion-banner left-promotion-banner” href="/shop/katzen/katzenfutter_dose/royal_canin_katzenfutter?utm_source=zooadserver&utm_medium=homepage&utm_campaign=1-rc_birthday_20perc_wetfood_cat-22102018&utm_content=cat_food&utm_term=l_sidebanner&utm_supp=royal_canin&utm_promo=de0765">
<div style=“box-shadow: inset -45px 0px 40px -30px rgba(50,50,50,0.3);position: absolute;height: 100%;width: 100%;”></div>
<img src=“">
<a class=“promotion-banner right-promotion-banner” href=”/shop/hunde/hundefutter_nassfutter/royal_canin?utm_source=zooadserver&utm_medium=homepage&utm_campaign=1-rc_birthday_20perc_wetfood_dog-22102018&utm_content=dog_food&utm_term=r_sidebanner&utm_supp=royal_canin&utm_promo=de0078">
<div style=“box-shadow: inset 45px 0px 40px -30px rgba(50,50,50,0.3);position: absolute;height: 100%;width: 100%;”></div>
<img src="">

Hi Gabriel!
does contentful have any known problem about the progressive loading images?
does contentful have any known CDN problem for serving the images in some cases?


Hi @antonio.martinmoreno,

I was able to retrieve these images in a variety of ways without any issues. Could you try this under a different network and browser and let us know if it works? Is it possible that you’re using a proxy or firewall that could be impacting this?

Hi Gabriel!
We’ll try as you say.