How to update array fields programmatically?

I am created field with list of values, then I tried to update that field.
But I am getting the below error.
InvalidEntry: {
“status”: 422,
“statusText”: “Unprocessable Entity”,
“message”: “Validation error”,
“details”: {
“errors”: [
“name”: “type”,
“value”: “Opposite JNTU”,
“type”: “Array”,
“details”: “The type of “value” is incorrect, expected type: Array”,
“path”: [

Hi there,

Could you clarify what is exact structure of that field? Also, could you please provide us more information as to what was the exact request that you sent here?

Hi @bhoopathi.reddy55,

Could you send the information about your client configuration through our support channel? That will ensure we have some privacy in discussing the specific details of your project.