In your docs, says up to 48 content types, but my space is maxing out at 24

Your docs state I have up to 48 content types but in my space usage, I see the following:

Content Types 23 out of 24

I think that they relatively recently changed their free plan or something because they reduced the number of free spaces you can use to 1 as well, sometime since the summer. Maybe they changed the number of content types as well and forgot to update the docsd

@joakim.millen is correct. We’ve recently updated the free community plan so most likely you created your account more than a month or 2 ago which had the limit of 24 content types. You could submit a support ticket and ask for your org can be updated to the new community plan. Alternatively, you could create a new organization and that would be using the new free community plan which would include 48 content types.