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Different spaces for different Landing Pages (reached content type limit)

Hi, I currently use one single space for multiple Landing Pages. Now, I reached my content types limit and I considered using different spaces for different Landing Pages. Each of them has different content types I don’t need. This would solve my content type limitation problem.

Is this something that some of you have experience with? If so, is it a viable solution for my problem or is the only way to solve it to buy the mid-plan for $490/month?


Hi @knauseder, welcome to Contentful community and thank you for posting your question.

It is possible to use the workaround you mentioned, however, please note that it is not possible to reference entities across spaces. Space ID and CDA token will also be different if you go for the initial option, and this would would be a main concern if you decide to create a second space with another 24 content types.

For this reason we always highly recommend to use one space per project, and upgrade the space if you hit the content type limits.

Further information on reaching the limits can be found on the Pricing page:, and in the FAQ section:

Hope this information helps!