Launch app - API for workflows


is there any way how to manage workflows in Launch application via API?
In our application we use Contentful Management API for import and export translatable content from client’s Contentful space. Now we need to change the workflow states on each import of the translatable content and export translations back to Contentful.

The requirement is to use Launch app

There is a tutorial how to manage workflows on the entry but no API references. I found that information about workflow step is managed via ‘metadata.tags’ in received JSON for the entry:

 "metadata": {
    "tags": [
        "sys": {
          "type": "Link",
          "linkType": "Tag",
          "id": "ctf-workflows-tag-ulxLrvk_srBmilIRs36ul"

But I am not able to find a specific endpoint for list of workflows for given environment or content type. Is there any approach how to obtain workflows via API?

Thanks for your response!


Well I have found an answer right now. Everything is managed by Tags.

Workflows listing can be obtained by endpoint:
and filter by prefix, where each workflow step will start with ctf-workflows-tag-

Updating workflow step on the entry can be done by setting correct tag in metadata.tags