sdk.dialogs.selectSingleEntry showing entries with Untitled titles even though they're defined

Hi there, I am part of the Developers org in Square. We are using dialogs.selectSingleEntry(options) to show a modal of one of our Content types and allow our content writers to select one of the entries SDK Reference | Contentful. The selectSingleEntry is called as part of one of our custom Contentful extensions written in JavaScript. The options we pass in is only the contentTypes field to filter for a specific content type. We noticed that a few of our authors see all the options as “Untitled” even though the entries do have titles. This only happens with a couple of our authors (everyone else is able to see the titles of the entries) and everyone has Admin permissions to the space. We can view the entries for the content type fine in the Content view.

Things I’ve tried already:

  1. clearing cache/cookies
  2. using different browsers and incognito mode
  3. passing in a locale value of en or en-US (the space’s locale is en) in selectSingleEntry
  4. using sdk.dialogs.selectMultipleEntries
  5. Removing the options parameter altogether in selectSingleEntry call


I reached out to Contentful support and they were able to find the bug and fix it. This issue is resolved now

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