SEO - Metadata, Open Graph

Our website is currently using an SEO content type to try to pass title and description for social sharing and for the search engines.

I know that social sharing is not working. It picks up the image no problem but only picks up the general metadata for the entire section of the site and not the particular post. EX:

Tools like SEMRush are also not seeing the metadata on our pages. EX:

I see the content displayed when I view source on the page inside the body as a script.

Help on how I need to address fixing this would be great!

Are you using next-seo for your website?

I see next-seo in my node-modules library root folder - yes

@vince Yes I see the folder next-seo in my node-modules library root folder but how do I know it is being used?

I appreciate your guidance here :slight_smile: :cowboy_hat_face:

@vince hoping you can help me here

@vince looking for your help here please