Transformed images load sometimes very slow


I encounter the problem that transformed images are realy slow from time to time.
First I thought this is because there not cached during the first call, but it seems that this is not the problem.

We have some kind of gallery overview and sometimes, some of the thumbnail images (directly called via the image api) are realy slow. If the image is reloaded (with disabled browser cache) afterwards it is fast.

Does Contentful remove already transformed images from their cache after a while?
Is there a way to make the images load faster?

Thanks in advance


Hi Thomas,

Have you tried this under a different network to confirm whether the issue persists? Because it points to a thumbnail, it is likely you wouldn’t notice slowness in requesting them and so we might need to dig a deeper in a separate support ticket to further investigate this.


it also happens in our applications randomly, but we don’t know why.

Sometimes transformed images takes too long to be served and browser treats it as a timeout, so images are not displayed.

Hi @jesus.talaveragomez,

Could you send us a support ticket with the spaces affected by this and providing us a few example of it? I’ll make sure to ask our team to inspect our logs to investigate what could be behind this situation.

I just tested the images from home. Currently everything seems to be fast. I also want to mention that our images always loaded but I could see TTFB over 1000ms back then. I will create you a ticket when I see that behavior again.


Same Issue here - any known solutions?