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Can you provide information on if customers have used a combination of a web site builder (such as wix o weebly) with Contentful?

Hi @stephanie!

I’ve heard of some cases when Contentful customers used it with Drupal. But it’s better if you can provide some details about your specific case- we’ll be able to suggest something or will try to find a workaround, if any.

Thank you.

What specific details do you need?

@stephanie: I’ve done a lot of explorations in this area and am actively working on a platform related to your question. It doesn’t really make sense to combine Wix, Weebly or Squarespace with Contentful because all of the “website builders” attempt to do the backend work for you with a website builder UI. They abstract many of the underlying details that platforms like Contentful would expose to users. The closest example of what you’re looking for is Webflow, which provides some CMS building blocks for you. Contentful is a bit more on the enterprise scale of things, allowing the developer to have the freedom to build exactly what they need for the project.


@jason Thank you for the answer!
It’d be awesome if you can share how did you specifically integrate Contentful and Wix(or else) and what is the outcome. And what was the use case, to integrate these platforms together.

Ah sorry for the miscommunication. So I didn’t actually link Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc with Contentful. Instead, I started exploring a middleware data connector that would sit between a Headless CMS and my Front End CMS / Authoring UI. I never attempted to build anything connected to those platforms because they it didn’t feel like it would solve anything.

What I’m working contains a few components:

  • Front End Web Scaffold
  • Admin UI
  • Content Authoring UI
    • Page Builder UI
      • Page Layout Components
      • Page Content Block Components
  • GraphQL Data Layer
  • Contentful

@jason sounds very interesting!

Do you use Contentful as backend only, meaning only for managing data via API? Am I right you built your own Authoring UI and Admin UI?
I’m pretty sure, I can ask many more questions about implementation details, because it sounds like a really interesting scenario. Are you considering writing a blog post about it?

There has been much evolution on the ‘website-builder-scene’. Would it be interesting to provide an adapter, or documentation on how to build one, between contentful and velo wix?