Connect Contentful with Google Sheets using OAuth 2.0 - problem

Hi there,

My goal: every time an entry has been published I would like to add one row to my Google Sheets file.

I have all the information to create the POST request, except the authentication.
Since Google Sheets require OAuth 2.0 authentication, simple API key doesnt do the job.

I do not find any mode to grant Contentful az OAuth 2.0 access to Google Sheets.

Can you guys help me with detailed instructions on how to use external auth ID-s and client?

Thank you in advance

Hey @mr.kristof.feher,
Did you try using the service account for Google? It might be easier to implement compared to OAuth.

Alternatively, you can use tools like Zapier, and n8n, to handle this for you. In Contentful, you can set up a webhook which would trigger the workflow in these external systems, and handle the insertion for you.

Well, I was able to replicate and test the POST request in the test of the Google Sheets API under Google Workspace. Obvioulsy, that test plugin has all the required authentication.

I was trying to imitate every aspect of the test, even asked ChatGPT what to do, but it gave me false instructions, which had steps that didnt even exsist in Contentful. It is possible that the comminity plan doesnt have the option to add an Oath 2.0 API to the API keys.

Zapier is a very nice thing, until you have less than 100calls a month. I am not going to pay for something that can be resolved programmatically.