Content Model & Records

Hello everyone. I new here and to Contentful, but I’ve heard great things! I’ve just start a new job at a company that uses Contentful and they are faced with the current challenge of almost hitting the 50000K record limit (in a year). We’ve been told to upgrade, which I think we will have to eventually, however for now I’m wondering if we are using it in the best way. The business is essentially an editorial site that links to products on other websites (affiliate model), so approx 100 new products are added to the site everyday - so a Product is being created in Contentful which is one record. Plus media/image for that product - another record. So if you do the math you can see how quickly we are using records. Should we be perhaps creating products in say an eComm/PIM type system? Any thoughts will be gratefully recieved!

Hi @melita, to be advised on a better strategy for your use case, you could contact our Sales: They can advise you and eventually put you in contact with a Contentful Specialist.